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In addition to over 400 Learning Tree public courses, you can choose from the exclusive On-Site course list below. Simply click on a course title for a detailed description.

Transformational Leadership for Women

Course 3472 – Workshop – 3 Days

The leadership role of women has progressed along with a more complex, diverse and global work setting. This roundtable-style event empowers women to contribute their unique qualities to meet the challenges in this evolving work environment.

Executive Leadership: Building a Blueprint for Success

Course 3471 – Workshop – 3 Days

Leaders aspiring to the executive level face many challenges in order to meet the demanding expectations of the organization. This event provides you with insights, applicable tools and a tailored plan for ongoing executive growth.

Achieving Excellence in Customer Service

Course 910 – Workshop – 3 Days

"Providing outstanding customer service often makes the difference between gaining and keeping a customer or losing one. This course offers the tools and techniques to ensure you build and maintaining mutually beneficial relationships with your customers. As a result, they become loyal advocates for you and your organization."

IT Strategic Planning: Maximizing the Value of Your IT Investment

Course 907 – Workshop – 3 Days

IT strategic planning allows an organization to prioritize IT projects, optimize resource allocation, monitor performance and manage the value of its IT systems. In this course, you gain the knowledge and skills necessary to establish an IT strategic plan that aligns with your organization's business objectives and core values.

Facilitating Successful Meetings and Business Discussions

Course 905 – Workshop – 3 Days

Meetings and business discussions are a vital part of an organization's decision-making process. However, for many, these interactions can be meaningless, lead to interpersonal conflict and frequently equate to wasted time. In this course, you gain facilitation skills proven to dramatically increase productivity, produce better plans, make smarter decisions and derive high-quality information.

Responding to Conflict: Creating Resolution and Cooperation

Course 904 – Workshop – 3 Days

Workplace conflict impacts the team and the organization as well as the individuals involved. In this course, you are fully engaged in realistic work scenarios in which you gain practical experience recognizing causes behind interpersonal conflict, targeting emotional triggers that create conflict, and applying proven techniques and strategies to build an environment of cooperation.

Delivering Dynamic Presentations

Course 345 – Workshop – 2 Days

The ability to convey facts and information in a clear, concise and engaging manner is a crucial part of delivering an effective presentation. This course provides the knowledge needed to plan and deliver well-structured, polished presentations. You learn practical techniques to communicate and reinforce your message, allowing you to focus on audience needs and objectives.

Negotiating Skills

Course 341 – Workshop – 3 Days

Many interactions in a professional environment involve a series of negotiations of which the outcome could be the difference between success and failure. In this course, you acquire the knowledge to develop sophisticated negotiating skills crucial to achieving desired results and building strong relationships.

Managing Performance

Course 274 – Workshop – 2 Days

Achieving and maintaining high performance from individuals is a key challenge for managers. The skills to manage individuality, maintain organizational goals, develop responsibility in others and deal productively with under-performers are critical to maximizing employee productivity. In this course, you gain the knowledge and skills to focus the performance of the people you manage through clear, agreed upon performance plans and constructive, future-focused appraisals.

Strategic Planning and Implementation

Course 252 – Workshop – 3 Days

Strategic planning enables an organization to shape and guide its overall business objectives. In this course, you gain the knowledge needed to formulate, execute and monitor the strategic planning for your organization based on proven analytical techniques and models.

Managing Information Overload: Techniques for Working Smarter

Course 246 – Workshop – 2 Days

Information overload is a daily occurrence and can lead to reduced productivity, added stress, and decreased attention span and memory. This course provides the skills needed to process fast-paced information to develop a competitive edge. You learn how to sharpen your comprehension, memory and speed-reading skills; improve your focus; manage electronic communications; and rapidly comprehend and retain information.

The Art of Coaching: Enabling Employees to Achieve Their Potential

Course 224 – Workshop – 2 Days

To increase return on investment and boost productivity, your employees need to perform at their very best. This course provides the vital coaching skills to enable you to develop the potential of your employees, peers and others. Through practical workshops, technique modeling and role-playing activities, you enhance your leadership abilities with proven coaching techniques that provide a pathway to excellence for the entire organization.

Leading Teams: Improving Productivity Through Teamwork

Course 222 – Workshop – 3 Days

Leaders who inspire teams to work together can deliver results and services faster, better and more cost effectively. In this course, you gain the skills to structure, measure and tune performance in a service team environment. Through practical workshops, you learn how to become a leader who equips his or her team with the skills and capabilities necessary to optimize productivity and performance and deliver high-quality results.

Excel® Macros: Increasing Productivity Through Automation

Course 1372 – Workshop – 1 Day

Excel macros improve productivity and streamline your workflow by automating multistep tasks. In this course, you learn how to identify processes to be automated and gain practical experience creating and troubleshooting automated solutions to save time and be more productive.

Excel® Workbooks: Designing for Reliability and Performance

Course 1371 – Workshop – 1/2 Day

A well-designed Excel workbook ensures confidence in the accuracy and validity of your summaries and reports. In this course, you learn how to design workbooks to reduce calculation errors and increase reliability. You also gain tips and tricks to reduce time on process-intensive tasks and improve workbook performance for increased productivity.

Managing Global Projects

Course 3620 – Workshop – 3 Days

In a global workplace, managers are often called on to lead projects and teams that span multiple continents and cultures. In this course, you learn how to effectively manage a geographically dispersed project. You gain the necessary skills to address cultural barriers unique to global projects and to build and communicate with a multicultural team.

Creating a High-Impact Work Plan for Business Analysts

Course 912 – Workshop – 3 Days

Whether starting from an initiative or entering a project after it has been established, business analysts must seamlessly integrate their work into the planning process. To do this successfully requires a well developed and executed work plan. In this course, you learn practical project management methods; tools and techniques to adapt a work plan to the needs of your initiative and its stakeholders.

IT Skills Assessment Workshop using the SFIA Framework – New!

Course 3931 – Workshop – 1 Day

This course is exclusively for private team training at your preferred location, and builds on the knowledge gained from Course 3930: Defining IT Skills, Roles and Responsibilities using the SFIA Framework. In this highly interactive workshop, you will receive guidance from a certified SFIA instructor as you apply the SFIA Framework directly to your organization’s environment.

National Cybersecurity Workforce Framework (NCWF) Workshop – New!

Course 3941 – Workshop – 1 Day

This workshop provides a practical demonstration of how to apply the NCWF Framework to your organization’s specific cyber security workforce needs. In its highly interactive format, your expert instructor/advisor assists you in applying NCWF and NICE properly in your environment.

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