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How can we find an expert coach to guide our IT staff through process change?

Your IT staff may encounter implementation delays if they are implementing organization or process change. In such cases, it is often wise to utilize the coaching skills of an expert instructor-advisor who can help your staff through these transitions.

Project teams can often encounter a wide variety of implementation obstacles, which slow or inhibit full application of the teams' new skills. These obstacles may include "organizational issues", simple inertia, a reluctance to change existing processes, and many more.

We Can Help

Learning Tree can provide on-site coaching by having one or more of our expert instructor-coaches working in your facility directly with your project team.

Our expert instructor-coaches have 20+ years of real-world experience coaching project teams that are engaged in changing methods and processes.

The expert instructor-coach will work side-by-side with your project team, and will enhance the skills and competencies of your project teams, while coaching and guiding them to quickly and successfully overcome obstacles to implement long-term performance change.

Customized Training Plans


Getronics, a global IT services organization, engaged Learning Tree to help them gain ITIL certification for a large number of employees on an accelerated time schedule.

Learning Tree deployed its instructor force both to teach the individual ITIL courses and to help, through coaching, prepare the Getronics employees for their ITIL certification exams.

This process of training, followed by coaching, proved to be successful as the entire group of Getronics participants in the program achieved full ITIL Certification, and were able to successfully apply ITIL best practices across the organization.

"We were pleased with Learning Tree's professionalism, dedication and can-do approach to our ambitious request. They designed a custom program, which involved pre-work before the training, followed by coaching after the training to help our employees apply ITIL best practices across our organization.

The fact that our targeted employees became fully ITIL certified shows just how serious and successful Learning Tree's training and coaching is."

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Learning Tree Provides
  • An expert instructor-coach working on-site on your project with your project team
  • Accelerated progress toward implementing new skills and processes to enhance the performance metrics of your project
  • Instructor coaching that helps your team overcome obstacles to process change, so that they can apply their new skills and achieve enhanced performance

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