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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Learning Tree AnyWare?

AnyWare™ is Learning Tree's superior, web-based attendance platform that lets you connect to a live classroom. With Learning Tree AnyWare, you can fully participate in THOUSANDS of scheduled Learning Tree hands-on, instructor-led courses. As an AnyWare course participant, you see and hear the instructor's presentation, interact with the instructor and other attendees, perform all of the same hands-on exercises, and engage in collaborative breakout sessions at the same time as your classmates.

What are the benefits of AnyWare?

  • You can join thousands of our live classrooms, anywhere in the world, via the Internet.
  • Flexible scheduling: select from a wide range of course dates and events.
  • Immerse yourself in an actual classroom training experience with live interaction.
  • Eliminate expenses for airfare, hotels and rental cars.
  • Gain the same knowledge and skills and achieve the same results that over 2.2 million course participants across the globe have already come to expect from Learning Tree.

Where can I participate?

You can participate in a course from your home, workplace or on the road — basically anywhere that has a reliable high-speed Internet connection. For the best experience, a wired Internet connection is strongly recommended. You can also attend your course from a state-of-the-art AnyWare Learning Center™.

What is an AnyWare Learning Center?

An AnyWare Learning Center is an optimal learning environment, set up for you to get the training you need when you need it. You're provided with a dual screen computer and high-speed Internet in a professional, distraction-free environment — all set up and ready to go. You will be able to interact with other attendees at the center who may be taking the same or other courses, and who share your goal of learning new skills.

Can I get the same in-class experience at home or work?

Yes — You can attend Learning Tree AnyWare courses anywhere that has an Internet connection. If you choose to participate from your home or workplace, you must validate your own equipment to ensure it meets the required specifications.

However, if you cannot find an optimal learning environment, consider our AnyWare Learning Centers, which offer a distraction-free setting with preconfigured, state-of-the-art equipment.

Where can I find an AnyWare Center?

Learning Tree has configured many current Education Centers to become AnyWare-enabled. Additionally, we have partnered with several nationwide shared-service office providers to establish AnyWare Centers within their facilities.

Please visit:, or refer to the information provided with your course confirmation to find an AnyWare Center near you.

NOTE: AnyWare Centers open no earlier than 8:30.

What is the cost of attending in-class at a Learning Tree Education Center vs. AnyWare?

The cost of the course is the same, as you are attending an actual Learning Tree class. However, attending from home, work or an AnyWare Center eliminates travel expenses.

What amenities are provided at the AnyWare Learning Centers?

Attendees have full access to the office suite, including coffee and hot beverages, a refrigerator, microwave, cups/mugs, dinnerware and utensils, and vending machines stocked with beverages and snacks.

AnyWare Learning Centers do not offer Wi-Fi. However, feel free to use your course PC to access the Internet; all systems are reset each week.

Education Centers do offer Wi-Fi.

Will I have the same course materials as my classmates who are attending at an Education Center?

Yes — AnyWare course participants and in-class participants receive the same course materials. Approximately three weeks before class, your course materials and microphone-equipped headset will be shipped to the address you provided during the enrollment process. When the materials have shipped, you will receive an e-mail with a tracking number.

How do I prepare for my class?

If attending from home or work:

To maximize the quality of your AnyWare experience, you must validate the system you plan on using to attend the course, configure and test your Learning Tree provided headset, and watch the classroom orientation videos.

Please open your Learning Tree AnyWare package(s) immediately and review the AnyWare Attendee Guide, which has step-by-step directions. You will also receive a Getting Ready e-mail with a link to the validation process and your LOGIN credentials.

Our AnyWare Technical Support Representatives are here to assist you and can be reached at 1-877-653-8733. Successful completion of all steps is required to gain classroom access.

If attending from an AnyWare Learning Center:

Learning Tree provides a full orientation for our AnyWare Center attendees. Simply follow the link in your course confirmation and watch the videos prior the start of your class. Everything you need (course materials, headset and LOGIN instructions) will be waiting for you at the AnyWare Center.

What platform is used to deliver the AnyWare classroom?

We use Adobe Connect to deliver Learning Tree AnyWare classes. You conduct your hands-on exercises through a remote connection to a classroom computer. Your instructor can monitor your progress and offer assistance if needed.

How do I validate my equipment?

Once you receive your course materials, please LOGIN to the Learning Tree Training Portal from the PC you will use to attend your course and follow the steps below (please plan for approximately 15-20 minutes to complete your validation):

  • Click the START SYSTEM TEST button.
  • Once your system test is complete, click the Continue Validation button to proceed to the Validation Room.
  • In the Validation Room, click Begin to start the orientation videos.
  • Please complete all the actions requested directly after watching each video to ensure you are able to fully participate and can focus on the course content during your AnyWare class.

After you complete all the steps, exit the Validation Room. In the Training Portal, click the Refresh button to update your system status, and then logout.

NOTE: These system validation steps are required and must be completed before the course start date. Failure to complete these steps will impede your ability to attend the course.

A wired Internet connection and a dual screen monitor setup, which allows concurrent viewing of the classroom and the computer used for exercises, is highly recommended, but not required.

What should I bring to class?

You need to have your course materials, computer headset and the Link to your AnyWare classroom e-mail, which contains the link and LOGIN credentials you need to take your course.

If you are attending your course from an AnyWare Learning Center, everything you need will be waiting for you when you arrive.

What do I need to connect to my classroom?

To connect to your class, you need a supported web browser, the Link to your AnyWare classroom e-mail, and your Learning Tree supplied headset. Please note that we do not support the following browsers: Opera, Chrome and Weasel. Any questions, please contact our AnyWare support team at 1-877-653-8733

Why do I need to LOGIN early on the first day?

As an AnyWare attendee, you will be asked to LOGIN 30 minutes prior to the start of the class on the first day. This will allow time to test your live classroom audio settings and orient you to the AnyWare Dashboard before classroom instructions begin.

If you are taking your course at one of our AnyWare Learning Centers, please arrive and LOGIN 30 minutes early.

How will I interact with my instructor and classmates?

Learning Tree will provide you with a microphone-equipped USB headset that you can use to speak with the instructor. You can also communicate via the Chat Pod by typing private messages to the instructor or to other attendees.

You will hear the instructor's presentation, and your classmates' questions and comments through your headset. The instructor will request that you use specific status symbols, such as agree or disagree, to provide feedback.

What is a breakout session?

A breakout session allows the instructor to separate the attendees into smaller groups or pairs to perform TEAM UP activities. When you are placed in a breakout room, you will have access to collaboration tools that all participants in your breakout group can utilize. You will also have a private audio channel so that you will only hear members of your breakout group. When the exercise has been completed, the instructor will return everyone to the main classroom.

Can I take the exam associated with my course?

Yes — All attendees in class and AnyWare remote can take the online exam on the last day of the course. If you elect to take your exam at a later date, you can do so by accessing our online proctor option from your My Learning Tree page. This option allows you to proctor the online exam 24/7 at any time after your course has completed.

How do I receive my Course Completion Certificate?

On the last day of your class, the instructor will direct you to the course evaluation via your AnyWare Dashboard. You will need to verify the information on the Course Completion Certificate and complete the online evaluation. In about two weeks, you will receive your Course Completion Certificate in the mail.

You can also visit your My Learning Account and print your Course Completion Certificate online.

What happens if I have technical problems during my class?

If you have technical difficulties, you can click the Get Assistance button on your AnyWare Dashboard or call (toll free) 800-603-9210. Our support team will resolve any issues you might encounter.

Where can I get more information?

If you need more information, please call us at 1-800-THE-TREE (1-800-843-8733). Learning Tree Training Advisors will be happy to assist you.

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